Assistant Professor, California state university - Long beach



about me

I am an Assistant Professor at California State University, Long Beach in the Department of Psychology. My academic research spans the areas of social psychology, cognitive psychology and vision science. I utilize a multi-method approach to examine our rapid visual perception of people (both individuals and groups) and the social judgments we make when we see others. Additionally, I am interested in processes and outcomes associated with prejudice and discrimination (e.g., confronting bias, health disparities).

Recent news

8/20/19 - New publication in Body Image on how social categories (ethnicity, gender, age, and sex) affect body typicality assessments and social evaluative judgments—Alt, N. P., Lick, D. J., Hunger, J. M., & Johnson, K. L. (in press). Evaluative implications of intersecting body weight and other social categories: The role of typicality. Body Image.


Classes Taught

PSY356 - Personality

PSY351 - Social Psychology


LA-1 120




M.A. (Terminal), The College of William & Mary

B.A., Wesleyan University